The purpose of this website is to provide comprehensive scientifically valid information on Torah codes: what they are and what they are not. The website is organized in layers so that explanations are provided that are correct and meaningful from a lay person's perspective to the deepest technical levels of the mathematician, the statistician, the computer scientist, and the engineer. Complete discussions are given of the nature of the Torah code experiment, the experimental protocols, the meaning of p-level, and the history of the codes. For the computer scientist and engineer, algorithmic descriptions of the various search techniques are provided. For the mathematician and statistician, technically complete mathematical descriptions are given of derviations and the experimental protocols that are employed to evaluate the significance of any experiment discussed on this website.

Examples from many different kinds of completely described experiments are presented. As well discussions of criticisms leveled at Torah codes that have been put in print or can be found on the web are answered in detail. To help the public in distinguishing what might be genuine Torah codes from what is not, we debunk various tables that appear on some websites that are deceptively called "codes". The site also provides (eventually) a public place to blog where discussions can take place.

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