Research Program
Research Program

Research Program

Whatever has been understood about Torah codes, it has not been explicitly explained by means of a model of the structure of the codes. Our research program has the purpose of hypothesizing a model and then validating it. The model is purely description. It does not address the question of why. The kind of model we are eventually looking for is one which is self authenticating.

As this research program is not a funded program, our manpower is limited and we can only proceed slowly. Little by little we will make known what we know and what our current investigation steps are. In this way, we establish a public record of what we have done, when we have done it, and why we have done it so that at the time when we present our new experimental results, we have done the best we can to make the historical record indicate the methodology and its a priori nature, and therefore the validity, of the experiments themselves.

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