The Jewish communities experiment uses the cities or communities of birth or death of the personalities in WRR, as opposed to dates, which is what WRR used. To guarantee that the list of communities and their Hebrew spellings are correct as well as a priori, a linguistic rule based algorithm is used to determine the spellings of the information derived from the Margolioth Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia Hebraica. Every entry for the list is obtained by this linguistic protocol (LP) without exception, and can be checked for accuracy. The algorithm, too, can be checked for linguistic accuracy and completeness. Thus, the individual community names are not subject to errors in judgment or the non uniform application of vague rules. Furthermore, the data is completely and mechanically reproducible. The experiment tested the Null hypothesis of No Torah Code Effect against the alternative that the rabbi appellations and their corresponding city names have ELSs that are closer together than expected by chance. The p-level was 4/1,000,000.

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